No powwows for the Clever Family

Dan, come back with that baby! It is not a dance contest prize.

Clever/Hada Family annual photo 49th Delaware Powwow Copan, Oklahoma

New ribbon shirts for Joe and Dan from Aunt Karee Hada

Clever/Hada Happy Place Delaware Powwwo Copan, Oklahoma

Katie's first Oklahoma Powwow

Modern Delaware Wigwams

Looking good thanks to Aunt Karee

Riley in her jingle dress with her dad

Jennifer and daughter Katie in their Delaware work dresses

Dan and Krista at her first powwow

First Eastern Delaware Nations Fry Bread Contest

Making frybread

Fry bread contest winners Linda and Amber

Evening fire for SMORES!

Clever family in traditional Lenape dress

Amber Morgan and their mother Martha

Clever family from Pennsylvania

Ian waves at his adopted grandfather George

Clever family annual Eastern Delaware Nations Powwow photo

Morgan using a red car mirror

Dan Clever at the EDN Powwow

Dad Clever with sons Dan and Joe in the EDN arena.

It has been two years since our family attended the Delaware Powwow at Copan, Oklahoma at the Falleaf camp. In 2019 it was a May of serious tornadoes and flooding keeping us from making the 2000 mile trip. In 2020 it was the Corona COVID-19 virus that  prevented the Delaware Powwow from happening. In 2020 COVID -19 also closed the Forksville, PA Eastern Delaware Powwow. 

Two years without our powwow celebrations and ceremonies have left all of us with an empty feeling similar to what our ancestors must have felt when they were not allowed to hold their ceremonies. It was not until 1978 with the Native American Religious Freedoms Act of Congress that our religious ceremonies were finally included in the freedom of religion guaranteed to all Americans. Once again state and federal powers deny American Indians their religious freedom under the cloak of a suspicious pandemic excuse. If one can wear a mask to shop at Walmart or go to church it would seem reasonable for American Indians to gather outdoors for their ceremonies at Powwow. Let us hope braver minds make powwows again in 2021.

Future dates for the EDN Powwow and the Delaware Powwow will be posted here.  

Paula Byers 25.02.2014 04:28

like this scene & I want to be in it. Where do I get the info. on this yrs. pow wow, so I can be a vendor @ the pow wow??? Please e-mail me the info. I need!!!

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