Phone Call from the Future

Phone Call from the Future

By George Clever---1 August 2014

“Hello, yes this is George. To whom am I speaking?”

“You…you’re telling me I am speaking to you. I know it is you, but who are you?”

“You…Is this some kind of kind of crank call? I really have no time for this monkey business.”

“Goodbye…why should I not hang up, because it really is me calling me from the future?”

“HaHa. Do you always pick on callers in the phone book with the name George?”

“If it really is me calling me then you should know the name of my 1st Grade friend who moved to New Mexico. Yes, it was Earl Brown. What do you want?”

“You want to help me? Help me do what? Live comfortable and successfully into my nineties.” “Why? Because you is me. You do realize no one can call anyone in the past from the future?”

“You can now because telemarketers found a way to sell useless stuff to a broader market of people in the past?”

“And just how can this stuff and the money paid make its way to the proper buyers and sellers?” “EBay and Amazon of course.”

“Ok, I will give you just five minutes more as I find this crank call amusing. What do you want from me?”

“You want me to open a retirement account with an off shore bank. Now I get it. This is your hook. I bet you are going to receive a large settlement from a lawsuit and will pay me back double if I place money in a joint account, you and me who is you who is me.”

“No? Ok, why should I open this account?”
“Because, US Social Security is broken and will not be fixed when I retire.”

“We all expect this, but the politicians bail it out at the last minute.”

“Not this time?”

“I suppose there are a few other things I should know.”

“I’m to sell all my cars. Why?”

“No one in the future drives and all gas cars are ordered recycled even classics and antiques.”

“What else?”

“Don’t invest in tire companies. They are all out of business soon with a new type of wheel.”

“Collect anything from the 1960s.”

“Why? Because there is a hot antiques market that will bring millions for what you/me thought was junk.”

“How will I get it to you? Leave it in a trunk in the basement.”

“Anything else?”

“Don’t let your/my son become a history teacher. History always repeats itself for humans and we don’t really care. Kids will not be going to school in some distant building. College history professor would be ok. Every degree and course will be on line.”

“What do you recommend for his life work?”

“No to video store owner or travel agent? So what will he do with a history major?”

“Bible salesperson or leader of a Crusade has a future, and what else? Robotics Technician or Space Tour Guide. You do know a guy who is making a killing selling vacation homes on Mars.”

“No thank you. I am not interested in a waterfront lot in the new Martian Springs at any price.”

“Thanks for the call. It has been nice talking with you or me.”

Jennifer Clever 01.08.2014 04:41

ahh that is certainly a George Clever story. Love it.

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George, Idealism killed by shot of fact. Clark

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George, This is a fascinating article. Clark

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