Paintings, Sculpture, Lenape Indian, Cradleboards and other Cultural Items

Cedar Chest Painting #3

Quail on a Cow Skull

Turtle Shield

Teepee Night Light

Water Mellon Mountains

Turtle Rattles

George Makes Teepees

Winter Spirits

Thunder Dwarfs

Teepee Night Light

Blue Teepee Night Light

Native UFO

Sandia Mountain Turtle

See Me in the Flowers

Shawn Likes Orange and Blue

White Buffalo Skull

Ghost Dance Eagle

Hinsdale Barn

Lenape Dream Catchers

Lenape Indian Licence Plate

Mirror Flower Paintings

Lenape Women's Hair Decorations

Fall Frenze

Dance Fans

George Clever Art Logo

George Making Teepees

Class Act Shield Speaks

Conservative Sheep Pictogram

Counting Man Pictogram

Lenape Deer Coup Stick

Bearman Pictogram

Buffalo Shield

Buffalo Tracks Cow Skull

Home on the Rocks

Delaware Powwow T-shirt 2011

Jennifer's Pueblo Cedar Chest

Lenape Found Copper Armbands

Bear Lake Monster from the book "Bear Lake Monster and other Clever Stories

Bear Lake Monster as seen by Wes and Katie.

Bear Lake Greeter

Clownophobia from "Bear Lake Monster and other Clever Stories."

Sinister Clown

Niagara View

Sponge Boy and Patrick Indians

Bird Peace Pipe Clay Bowl

Pascal's Petroglyph

Sheep and Goat Trap Petroglyph

My Classroom Coleus Plant

Steering an Eagle

Turtle Cow

Steer Amazed

Thunderbird Visit

Birth of the Medicine Men

Red Mirror Pansies

M.C. Escher Turtle Cedar Chest

Native American Masks "Where the Power is..."

Lenape Winter Wigwam on the Little Conneautee

Chicken Fingers Lenape Mask

Lenape Indian Creation Turtle

Day of the Dead Ornaments

Day of the Dead Ornaments 4 inch

Day of the Dead Tree with Ornaments

Star placement for the 50 with careful measures.

First Wooden American Flag Sculpture by George W. Clever 2019

New batch of teepee nightlights completed in 2019

My Blue VW

Clever Sunflowers

Geronimo's Cave

2022 is the year for new paintings. Ten years of my time in New Mexico is celebrated with Geronimo's Cave painting. It is a powerful subject based on historical activities of Native Apache American people led by Geronimo. I have visited this cave near Las Cruces often. 🙂  More painting is waiting deep in my mental closet where curiosity hangs out.  Writing is on hold with two books in the works for edit for this year. Each painting or book produced is a piece of my life. Scroll down to the bottom of the pictures for new paintings. All paintings and books are for sale. Just drop me and email at

I love to paint flowers as did my Clever grandmother. She painted flowers on furniture, dishware and if one did not move, people. Bless her heart. I have to say that now living in the South. 

Jennifer Clever 11.11.2017 17:35

The pictures of the chest really do not do the colors and painting justice. Another beautiful piece of artwork by my favorite painter.

Linda 31.07.2017 21:04

I nice things here

Lucy Andrus 24.03.2017 22:01

Hello George,

I'd be happy to discuss an exhibit of your work through the LARC program at Brocton Library. Please get in touch.

james olufemi 27.01.2015 21:09

lovely arts

George 27.01.2015 21:40

Thank you for your comment.
I will post some of my fun hot rod cartoon art this week.

sanku mondal 17.10.2013 05:23

this page's photo is very sweet.............

George 27.01.2015 21:38

Thank you for you comment Sanku Mondal.
I will be posting a few of my fun hot rod cartoons this week.

Jessie Andersen 12.02.2013 03:04

Great stuff, George! Now I have to peek around the site.

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Idealism killed by shot of fact.

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This is a fascinating article.

03.06 | 00:41

Hello Frank,
Unfortunately, the turtle head has to come off and the insides discarded. I tried having ants eat it but they ate the shell as well. Sharp knife.

02.06 | 21:22

my turtle just died and I want to create a rattle.
How do I prepare him to do this.