Do you need to work? Why?

Human Obsolescence

By George Clever

19 August 2013

Welfare or workfare?  Food stamps or SNAP?  Obama Health Care or private insurance?  Learn to be able to work or learn to value learning?  We are witnessing a world of geometric changes where all of the old values are being challenged and discarded.  Have humans overpopulated the earth?  Have they spoiled their own nest?  The arguments are endless.  Have they created their own obsolescence or has their obsolescence become yet another way of controlling their numbers.  In the video How the Tesla Model S is Made MOVE OVER US CARMAKERS! a window is offered for us to see the societal changes in our near future.

The video challenges one of the basic forces of human existence to be a provider of the goods and services necessary for one’s personal life and to give value to that life by the very same work or service.

What if….. (One of my favorite questions)…..What if most if not all humans no longer were needed to provide goods and services for themselves or others?

What would be the next set of valued human endeavors will replace the previous work to live and prosper.

What will be the motivation to achieve or to pursue the new set of purposes for living when everything necessary to live is provided without participation in their creation?

Through specialized and highly valued work or service wealth and status (value) is obtained.

  How the Tesla Model S is Made MOVE OVER US CARMAKERS!!!

 This is a thought provoking video. I hope you will take the time to view it.  When I was an undergraduate at Buffalo State one of my professors told his class by this year all the goods and services needed in America would be provided by 11% of the work force. Well we are not quite there, but by this video you will see we are getting close. The real question is what does the other 89% of the population do to appreciate some sort of income? As witnessed in the total meltdown of the city of Detroit, more and more of the population is dependent on economic survival by government donations in some form or another. Even student college loans are a deferment of the young from the labor force. The military replaces pilots with flying drones and the army with robots further reducing the need for human involvement in service or product generation. It is now time for the visionaries to define the future of human life, its purposes and values before these necessary understandings taken a more destructive course. It would seem my professor was correct in his vision of the future workforce. It would seem the economic power engine of "value added" products for wealth is headed to a replacement depot where entitlements will supply all that is necessary to live. There is a strange new world ahead for our children and grandchildren. And yet, I am sure our time was strange and even frightening to those who rode horses for mobility.

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