Learning Something New

Learning Something New

Why should I learn something new? Is there something wrong with the tons of old stuff I already know? Tell me one thing new that is really better than the same old thing.  Let’s start with TV programs.  The Dish Company wants me to have over 200 channels for an extra fee. I would have to give up my old channels I know, and find the few good ones to watch somewhere, sometime, in the new 200 choices.  I already drive everyone crazy with my channel surfing, but at least they know I will end up on one of four choices.

            How about learning to drive a new car with all the technology stuff?  Just for starters, I cannot even fix the damn car myself without have a computer techno from India by my side. Now about the “My Touch” seven inch TV screen on the dashboard, it does not seem to know my fingers are not dead as I often get no response when I touch something on the screen. When that happens, I begin to touch everything on the screen, and stuff just disappears moments before my car and I wander over the double solid road line into on-coming traffic. There are laws against texting while driving, but the omnipotent legislators seem to be on board with car technology requiring space age multi-tasking while old people drive. Then there is the “check engine soon” light.  Just how long is soon? How about a little more information like, “your car is out of oil”, or  “ your car engine is about to blow up”, or “your car repair manager need a vacation on your money”?

            Well, over my lifetime I finally learned Windows 1, 2, 3, 8, 95, 98, XP, Millennium and Vista from our friends at Microsoft Windows. They gave us a series of graphical interface operating systems developed, marketed and sold by Microsoft with no regard to the need, interest or learning curve of geezers. Now, do you think millions of Americans can be wrong when they say every new system is filled with flaws and worse than the previous one to use? I am faced with a new computer brought to me by the Christmas Beagle to assist me with my writing. I was perfectly content with my old computer which continued to give me more trouble, from time to time, than I needed. My children gifted me with Dragon software which allows me to speak and the computer will write when my hands get too arthritic to type. The software sits on top of my old computer in gift wrap. I would have to learn something new, and so far it is not worth it as my hands and fingers still move. Each day as I face the old computer, I feel guilty for not learning to fly the new, recently gifted, computer and use those Dragons.

            Coffee time here so I will finish by telling you I have learned to make one cup of coffee using those little cups of pre-packaged flavored drinks. I have also learned the coffee and tea in these packages cost ten times more than if you buy the large coffee can or tea box and make your own beverage the old way. I am sure some will say in the long run, one does not waste coffee made and allowed to sit in the pot for many weeks. To me, long term coffee reminds me of my Marine Corps days when the coffee in the pot was tested to see if it did not corrode a spoon. If not, it was fit to drink, no ready to drink. Maybe I can form a new group called Amish Coffee Drinkers doing things the old way, sitting around in plain clothes with suspenders and no zippers, just buttons.

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George, Idealism killed by shot of fact. Clark

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Hello Frank, Unfortunately, the turtle head has to come off and the insid...

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my turtle just died and I want to create a rattle. How do I prepare him to do this.