Available Books and Future Events

Eastern Delaware Nations and Oklahoma Delaware with Author Events 2018-2019

Upcoming Events  for Eastern Delaware Nations

Sept. 24-25, 2022 FALL COUNCIL, 24th: Sweat at noon, Wyalusing Prayer Rocks, 25th: Language lesson at 10am; Council meeting at 11am followed by feast; at Tputaawii Eenda-Maawehlaang (Community Center), outdoors (weather permitting) and Zoom

 Dec. 17-18, 2022 WINTER COUNCIL, 17th: Sweat at noon, Wyalusing Prayer Rocks, 18th: Language lesson at 10am; Council meeting at 11am followed by feast; Tputaawii Eenda-Maawehlaang (Community Center) and Zoom

March 25-26, 2023 SPRING COUNCIL, 25th: Sweat at noon, Wyalusing Prayer Rocks, 26th: Language lesson at 10am; Council meeting at 11am; at Tputaawii Eenda-Maawehlaang (Community Center) and Zoom

May 6-7, 2023 PRE-POWWOW PICNIC, 6th: Sweat at noon, Wyalusing Prayer Rocks, 7th: Language lesson at 10am; Council meeting at 11am; Tputaawii Eenda-Maawehlaang (Community Center) and Zoom

June 17-18, 2023  31st ANNUAL FORKSVILLE POWWOW, Camping for volunteers & dancers: arrive Fri., depart Sun.

JULY 1-4, 2023   VISION QUESTS, Wyalusing Prayer Rocks, Walam Olum July 2, people interested contact Chief John

*For questions about adjustments to events due to COVID-19 and inclement weather please contact Chief John 570-529-0949

Oklahoma Delaware Indian Tribe Events 

 May 26-29 Delaware Powwow

The Sinclairville Library Write Circle The Write Circle of writers meets at the Sinclairville Library, Sinclairville, NY 14784 every Friday at 9:00 A.M. Contact: phone 716-962-5885 (Beth Hadley)

Saving Oral History and Book Signings

Available Clever Books on Amazon.com

Son of the Queen: A Delaware Warrioir's Survival in 1750 Historical Novel

Voodoo Justice New Orleans Mystery

Twinner Sequel to Words Can Kill

Words Can Kill  A mystery Thriller Novel www.Amazon.comwww.BarnesandNoble.com

Bright Colored Beads A collection of story poems with a Native American touch.www.Amazon.comwww.BarnesandNoble.com

No longer Needed: Robotic Short Stories  Are you ready for robots replacing humans?We are becoming androids with knee replacements and pacemakers. Are you ready for robotic job replacements? Available at www.Amazon.comwww.BarnesandNoble.com 

7 Twisted Mysteries to Die For

Seven short story unforgetable mysteries.www.Amazon.com www.BarnesandNoble.com 

Dancing with Grandfather  A collection of poems with drawings by the author George Clever reflecting his walk on the Red American Indian Road. www.Amazon.com   www.Outskirtspress.com         www.BarnesandNoble.com

Bear Lake Monster and Other Clever Stories a collection of short stories growing up in the 1950s, California Dreaming, New Mexico Land of Enchantment and other adventures  www.Outskirtspress.com www.Amazon.com www.BarnesandNoble.com 

Lenape Animal Tales a collection of short teaching stories about the Lenape and the animals of the forest, how animals got to be as they are and what they teach. These stories were often told around the winter campfires.www.dogearpublishing.net    www.amazon.com

Searching for Utopistan a serial mystery written by the Sinclairville Free Library Write Circle writerswww.smashwords.com, www.thebookpatch.com

The Roommatea $0.99 thriller short story about the college roommate you hope is never assigned to you.  Available as an E-Publised story www.Smashwords.com  www.amazon.com

 Now on E-book for Kindle!  Dancing with Grandfather, Bear Lake Monster and Other Clever Stories, Lenape Animal Stories www.amazon.com/books

Halloween Costume, Blue Snow, The Mysterious Cat Lady of 89 Claw Street, and One Way In No Way Out $2.99 short stories now available for Kindle at www.amazon.com

Leatha Archer (Lea103 Mystery Writing Course) 20.03.2016 23:27

Just received your book Lenape Animal Tales and have a couple of questions.
What is your Lenape name? Have you heard of Annie Freeman, last of the Lenape?

George W. Clever 16.08.2016 23:11

Typo Leatha. My email is gclever@stny.rr.com
You can call me at 716-785-4363. I would be happy to discuss the Lenape with you. Three new books coming soon.

Leatha Archer 21.03.2016 14:16

George, I tried the email you gave and it was returned.

George W. Clever 21.03.2016 00:14

Hello Leatha,
Your questions need a better answer than I can give on this site.
Email me please at gcleve@stny.rr.com
Hope to hear from you soon.
bye George

Jennifer 04.06.2013 03:51

The Powwow in Oklahoma was perfect, great weather on the trip down and during powwow and great friends. The trip back was another story.

Jennifer Clever 08.05.2013 03:24

The book signing was a huge success at the Patterson Library in Westfield. I am so proud of my husband.

Clark Zlotchew 30.04.2013 17:18

Hello George,
I live in Fredonia. We once had a writing group that used to meet at the Clever Store. Would I be able to join your group the Write Circle?

Jennifer 03.04.2013 18:50

The book signing in my opinion was a great success! Looking forward to the next one on the 22nd.

Jennifer Clever 01.04.2013 21:38

Looking forward to another great book signing.

Corinne 10.03.2013 00:19

Congratulation, may there be many more books to come. Corinne

Jennifer Clever 28.02.2013 02:11

The Fluvanna Library Book signing was great. You sold some books and kept the audience involved with your presentation and maybe recruited someone for the view.

Jennifer Clever 25.02.2013 21:26

I am looking forward to your next book signing honey. You will be great. Your wife Jennifer

Jennifer Clever 12.02.2013 02:31

The Fluvanna book signing is just around the corner. I am sure it will be a great turn out.

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