New George W. Clever psycho/thriller/mystery sequel

Twinner Temple, Texas Daily Telegraph headline: Author Fred Fonsworth freed from State Mental Hospital. Judge Melissa Runner confirmed Fonsworth was under house arrest at his home while investigators seek evidence for murder indictments in the death of his wife and mother-in law. The success of his first novel, Words Can Kill, made Mister Fonsworth very wealthy. It is rumored a sequel to his first novel is being written in his confinement. An insider has revealed current weapons smuggling concerns of the Temple City Police are the focus of his new novel. The book features the adventures of Private Eye hero, Mike Dunmore, from the Words Can Kill novel. Judge Runner expressed concerns, off the record, about Fonsworth’s mental state commenting; ‘Will he kill again before we find evidence to convict, or is his delusional condition cured?’
What happened to the children who were smuggled into the country on buses from Mexico and Central America? P.I. Mike Dunmore will find out in the Clever mystery novel Words Can Kill. His psycho/thriller/mystery novel is two stories in one book. The writer in the book, Fred Fonsworth, finds a computer icon promising he will be able to write forever. It is a gift and a curse leading to murder. All of the George W. Clever books are available at
Bright Colored Beads is a collection of 101 contemporary poems with a Native American touch remembering Delaware Indian (Lenape) tribal history and the challenges of walking in two worlds today. Indian singing is poetry set to music of the flute and drum. This is a 222 page book encouraging the reader to interact with the poet by writing in the book as they respond to poems read.
The books Dancing with Grandfather and Bear Lake Monster and Other Clever Stories are now available now at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Outskirts Press .........................
Now Available on Amazon (Create Space) ! Humans can create robots who look like humans only stronger, faster, smarter and self-reproducing. They may even give the robots human emotions, compassion, feelings, and even love. The question is, should we do this? If humans create humanoids with all of the above features, would they have a soul? If these humanoids have a soul, should they also be given free will to make their own decisions that are by nature of the human creator, flawed with the possibly of doing evil? If the above is the future, would humans have to compete with the humanoid robots? If all of the above comes true, would the robots really need us? Phyllis and Clarence chose a robot baby to avoid the mess of a human one. How were they to explain sex to their teen robot daughter? In another story, a robot in the operating room has the wrong software and begins to build Ford Motor parts in patients. Perhaps you have already been replaced by robots at your job. The dental workers thought it would never happen to them, but it did.
Lenape Animal Tales is a collection of folktale stories of the Delaware (Lenape) Indians. Would you like to know why dogs sniff each other’s butts when they meet? Ever wonder why dogs hate cats who hate dogs? If animals can talk to each other do you wonder why they can’t or won’t talk to you? Did you know butterflies once could sing? Is it hard for you to keep a secret? The Owl knows why. The Lenape (Delaware Indians) know and you can too. The animals will teach you in these stories. “You must behave while you read these stories or the Naked Bear will eat you!”
Seven serial dreams or twisted nightmares Why are these mysteries twisted? Who dies or could die in the story? If I answer your questions would there be any reason for you to read the book? I think not. Maybe it is the author who has a twisted sense of humor? Perhaps each of the seven mystery stories will leave you screaming for a different ending? This I will guarantee, the next time you enter and elevator, try on a Halloween costume or take in a roommate you will be very careful, very careful indeed.
The library is hiding a murderer years after an elderly man died in a locked and unheated attic over a holiday weekend. Why was he there? Who locked him in the attic? It will take “wannabe” pair of Ghost Busters and Professor Garnett to solve the crime when they are surrounded by women and children with flaming orange hair, all cursed with an early death.

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Clark Zlotchew | Reply 01.10.2016 17:15

George Clever has a mind brimming with questions about life, about the direction in which civilization is heading and disguises these ideas with imagination.

Gregory Schaaf, Ph.D. | Reply 07.11.2015 14:33

I highly recommend books by George Clever for ALL READERS, libraries, schools, Native Americans, and more. Gregory Schaaf, Ph.D., 505-473-5375. PLEASE CALL.

Aunt Rosie | Reply 03.09.2015 16:58

I love the new jacket cover - the picture is great. And I can't wait to order and read the Twisted Mysteries!

Jennifer C | Reply 11.08.2015 21:25

Another great short story. From your biggest fan.

Dennis Johnson ArtDen Designs | Reply 28.01.2015 10:22

George, love the poems and always loved the art, I've started my own business and would love to do your shirts again. Dennis formerly from Star Printed Graphix.

Dennis 28.01.2015 14:02

Ooops 716-366-7500

Dennis 28.01.2015 14:01

Here is my Facebook page it has all my contact information and examples of some of the stuff I can do my number is 716-377-7500

George Clever 28.01.2015 12:24

Hey Dennis,
Good to hear from you. I have worked up new designs for this year and now can see the shirt as it would appear on line. contact me

Rosie | Reply 18.05.2014 13:53

Dear George,
I recently finished reading your poems in Dancing with Grandfather and I love them. Thank you. Am ordering Lenape Animal Tales today! Love, Rosie

Lorrelle Johnson | Reply 15.05.2014 18:22

Hey George, way to go. I like your site. Proud to know you. Rell

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Idealism killed by shot of fact.

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This is a fascinating article.

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