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Paintings and Ornaments for the Day of the Dead Celebration

Here are three paintings from  10 years of living in New Mexico where the Day of the Dead is celebrated. Also, you will find special skeleton ornaments to hang on a black tree for this event. Ornaments are available on Ebay and sold locally in Chautauqua County New York.


Latest comments

13.12 | 21:58

RARAFRF, are you interested in purchasing one of the rattles?

13.12 | 15:24

i did not help me but it would be a good gift

04.11 | 14:31

On thinking about this some more, I have changed my mind!

Bravery is facing the unknown. Courage is the conviction that you must.

more can not be written!

03.11 | 21:17

I am sure you have more to say about 'brave', especially as a character trait changing (with the wind? with the mind? with the event?) Thank you for reading.

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