Seneca Rez in the 1950s


Drive with dad on Seneca Reservation land

On a day of hunting

All in fall colors grand


Can you see their homes hidden in the wood

Those little shacks of tar paper

By the streams where they stood


I would like to live here some day

Father nodded in silence as he drove

Why he asked this question I really can’t say


There is no running water in a tar paper place

Would you still like to live there

Oh yes I could go to the stream to wash my face


There is no soap to wash your face or hand

Would you still like to live there

Oh yes, I could go to the stream and scrub with sand

There is no indoor plumbing to go when you please

Would you still like to live there

Oh yes I could go behind trees


Would you live there in winter with cold and deep snow

Oh no


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Jennifer | Reply 09.05.2014 10.54

It amazes me that when I read your writing I get a glimpse into your past. Thanks for always sharing.

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02.06 | 20:41

Hello Frank,
Unfortunately, the turtle head has to come off and the insides discarded. I tried having ants eat it but they ate the shell as well. Sharp knife.

02.06 | 17:22

my turtle just died and I want to create a rattle.
How do I prepare him to do this.

30.03 | 20:37

One of the great things about my little lumber selling business is meeting some really interesting people. You certainly fit that description. B Stock

22.01 | 14:43

Beautiful work that was done with creativity AND precision!

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