Paintings, Sculpture, Lenape Indian, Cradleboards and other Cultural Items

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Jennifer Clever | Reply 11.11.2017 12:35

The pictures of the chest really do not do the colors and painting justice. Another beautiful piece of artwork by my favorite painter.

Linda | Reply 31.07.2017 17:04

I nice things here

Lucy Andrus | Reply 24.03.2017 18:01

Hello George,

I'd be happy to discuss an exhibit of your work through the LARC program at Brocton Library. Please get in touch.

james olufemi | Reply 27.01.2015 16:09

lovely arts

George 27.01.2015 16:40

Thank you for your comment.
I will post some of my fun hot rod cartoon art this week.

sanku mondal | Reply 17.10.2013 01:23

this page's photo is very sweet.............

George 27.01.2015 16:38

Thank you for you comment Sanku Mondal.
I will be posting a few of my fun hot rod cartoons this week.

Jessie Andersen | Reply 11.02.2013 22:04

Great stuff, George! Now I have to peek around the site.

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14.04 | 11:16

Idealism killed by shot of fact.

14.04 | 10:51

This is a fascinating article.

02.06 | 20:41

Hello Frank,
Unfortunately, the turtle head has to come off and the insides discarded. I tried having ants eat it but they ate the shell as well. Sharp knife.

02.06 | 17:22

my turtle just died and I want to create a rattle.
How do I prepare him to do this.

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