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The books Dancing with Grandfather and Bear Lake Monster and Other Clever Stories are now available now at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Outskirts Press ......................... COMING SOON! Lenape Animal Tales
The library is hiding a murderer years after an elderly man died in a locked and unheated attic over a holiday weekend. Why was he there? Who locked him in the attic? It will take “wannabe” pair of Ghost Busters and Professor Garnett to solve the crime when they are surrounded by women and children with flaming orange hair, all cursed with an early death.
The sign on the rusty fence read: No Trespassing! Violators will be shot and shot again if they live. Lake Lenape Amusement Park management. Maybe Billy and Sam would have chosen another way to spend their day instead of sneaking into the abandoned amusement park if they knew why the park was closed.

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Jennifer C | Reply 11.08.2015 19.25

Another great short story. From your biggest fan.

Dennis Johnson ArtDen Designs | Reply 28.01.2015 09.22

George, love the poems and always loved the art, I've started my own business and would love to do your shirts again. Dennis formerly from Star Printed Graphix.

Dennis 28.01.2015 13.02

Ooops 716-366-7500

Dennis 28.01.2015 13.01

Here is my Facebook page it has all my contact information and examples of some of the stuff I can do
www.facebook.com/artdendesigns my number is 716-377-7500

George Clever 28.01.2015 11.24

Hey Dennis,
Good to hear from you. I have worked up new designs for this year and now can see the shirt as it would appear on line. contact me

Rosie | Reply 18.05.2014 11.53

Dear George,
I recently finished reading your poems in Dancing with Grandfather and I love them. Thank you. Am ordering Lenape Animal Tales today! Love, Rosie

Lorrelle Johnson | Reply 15.05.2014 16.22

Hey George, way to go. I like your site. Proud to know you. Rell

FashionDiva.com (AnnMarie) | Reply 29.03.2014 02.02

Creepy music man or girl. Hey could you go on simple site fashiondiva.com. Thats mine hope u like my'n.

Tracy | Reply 24.02.2014 10.09

Hi George. I just come across a book publisher who specializes in books about Native American cultures. Clear Light Books. www.clearlightbooks.com

Tracy 25.02.2014 15.16

That's awesome, George. Hopefully something good will become of it. I'm so excited for you.

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11.08 | 19:25

Another great short story. From your biggest fan.

28.02 | 12:45

Another clever Clever Tale! With a political cover-up to boot. it just doesn't get any better than that!!

27.02 | 14:44

How Clever it is to read a further ending . Love it I am your biggest fan.

28.01 | 13:02

Ooops 716-366-7500

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